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Harper Government Found in Contempt of Parliament

March 26, 2011


As of Friday, March 25, 2011 the Government of Canada has been brought down by a non-confidence vote in the House. This is the first time that the Federal Government of Canada, indeed any country in the Commonwealth has been charged with, and found in Contempt of Parliament.

This finding is the result of Harper’s falsified estimates for proposed military spending (which were divulged to Parliament only after a demand on the grounds of The Freedom of Information Act), charges of election overspending by the Federal Conservative Party, and pork-barreling of funds in the proposed Federal Budget.

This finding follows accusations of contempt directed at Conservative Cabinet Minister Bev Oda for an alleged false testimony in Parliament. A testimony that, even when proven false, Harper remained in support of.

It would be convenient for our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to hide behind high-ranking officials in the Federal Conservative Party, and avoid censure and bad press for these citations of Contempt of Parliament. However, Mr. Stephen Harper has taken great pains over the last few months to ensure that the Government of Canada be synonymous with the Harper Government. Not the Federal Government. Not the Conservative Government. But the Harper Government.

He has gone so far as to issue memos to government bureaucrats that any reference to the “Government of Canada” should instead be made to the “Harper Government”.

Well Mr. Harper, you have made you bed, and now, as they say, you must lie in it.

You want the Harper name to be the brand known to all Canadians as speaking for the government?

Then you must suffer the burden of having that name raked across the coals when the bad political chickens of your administration come home to roost.

Since yesterday’s non-confidence vote, Conservative representatives have suggested that this dissolving of the Federal (or should I say Harper?) Government was a reckless decision by the opposition parties. And that an election is an unnecessary burden on Canadians at this time.

This “Harper Government” has, in my opinion, proved itself to be corrupt, elitist, secretive, self-serving, puritanical, partisan, and generally indifferent to the interests of Canada as a whole.

In view of this, my only response to those who condemn yesterday’s vote is to stand in agreement with the statement made by Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff, who said that “[w]e did not seek an election. But if we need one to replace a government that doesn’t respect democracy with one that does, I can’t think of a more necessary election.”

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