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Julian Assange and US extradition…

March 9, 2011

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have been relegated to the second tier of news coverage lately. While our attention has been diverted to focus on the revolutions erupting in the Arab region, the American government continues its campaign to silence future examples of WikiLeaks by making  a vicious example of Julian Assange. That must not happen.

There are important tactical similarities between the American policy of illegal renditions and the ‘urgent necessity’ recently proclaimed by the Swedish Prosecution of extraditing Assange to Sweden for ‘questioning’. These both are about silencing dissent and opposition to American foreign policy.

In the post-World War Two era we have seen the American military-industrial alliance globally displace previous British and French colonial strongholds. Just as the tsunami of popular uprisings in the Arab world are, in large part, a response to American neo-colonialism in the last half century, so too have the WikiLeaks revelations laid bare the desire of American foreign policy for complete global hegemony. The ‘urgent necessity’ of Assange’s extradition by Sweden is clearly part of a counter-response by the American government to contain dissent.

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