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Open email to Mayor Ford…

March 1, 2011
Mr. Ford,
I am one of those guys who have worked with the poor for 15 years in Toronto; a guy you would probably consider “liberal”. I did not vote for you.
But, I still want to tell you that you can significantly change your image with many in Toronto – especially in the ‘immigrant’ community – if, now that these TCHC scandalous revelations have been revealed (and these were just the tip of the iceberg),  you deal with the TCHC Nobility and the massive corruption they pursue in a way that will actually benefit the poor who live there.
I have either worked in, or know people in all the major priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, as well as the downtown public housing neighbourhoods, and the #1 complaint (by far) in the community is the way the draconian TCHC deals with the people. They are barely removed from our idea of the Mafia.
But it is more than just a need for personnel change. The very structure of how the TCHC is arranged lends itself to corruption, nepotism, and general indifference to the residents.
Of course there are great TCHC employees, just as there are clean cops, but you really need to go in and clean house, re-organize, and re-hire.
Do this and the huge divide between the liberals and the conservatives in this city will shrink significantly.
And you will get so many more votes.
Everyone will win.
Thank you 
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