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This is not rocket science!

February 18, 2011
  1. A billion new middle-class people will be joining the global consumer market this decade.
  2. Canadian lumber sales to China doubled in 2010. (Sales tripled in December.)
  3. Food production will have to increase 70% by 2050 to feed the planet’s needs.
  4. Food is traded as for-profit commodities on the world’s stock markets.
  5. The price of food is already at record levels.
  6. Food is already being transported under armed guard in a number of countries.
  7. Food prices will increase by 25-50-% this decade.
  8. Stock market institutions are eagerly betting that they will.
  9. Futures in coffee, sugar, corn, wheat are up 50% since the summer of 2010.
  10. Egypt was the largest per-capita importer of wheat in the world.
  11. Crop failure was wide spread in Russia last year. Drought.
  12. And will be so this year in China. Drought.
  13. “Foodriot” entered the popular vernacular in 2010 because they happened in 40 countries.
  14. Food prices are up 10% in China so far this year. (Fruit up 35%.)
  15. Commodity investments will be the new tech/housing market bubble.
  16. The local/global gap between the rich and the poor is at it greatest point since they started keeping records in the Great Depression.
  17. “Foodriots” will increasingly dominate the media headlines over the next five years (and for a long time afterwards).
  18. “Food” will be one of two history changing global crises of this century. (The environment being the other.)
  19. Don’t think foodriots will happen in Toronto? VitalSigns©2010 reports that more than 50% of Torontonians now work in the minimum wage customer service sector. Debt loads are at record levels.
  20. Where will you be when the shit hits the fan?

It’s going to get ugly before it gets better.

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